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TokyoHead Office (Established : 1959 Capital : J\180M)
Address : 4-6-2, Nihonbashi Muro-Machi, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan


Company Introduction

Recently, you may frequently hear about ''Global boarderless''. Japan has also greeted the time
valuated by world standard in the world market.
To be a representative of automotive and home appliance makers, world stratgy is indispensable.
Moreover, faster development of technology techniques are, Smaller than ever the world is.

In 1978, Our company went into Singapore for establishing further factory. At present,
we owe 6 factories in South-east Asia, 2 factories in china with our good-partner company.
Thanks to supporting from our customers, we have planned to advance our bussiness toward

Under our bussiness philosophy Supplying the same products to anywhere in the world'',
We attempt to accumulate working techniques at KANTO factory in Saitama and KANSAI factory
in Osaka, our mother factories.Besides, We devote our power and knowhow to educating our
technical team operating in the world in order to offer our customers with high-class quality services.

Originally, we founded our company as a coloured plastic manufacturer which is our based industry,
we nevertheless are concentrating on resources such as equipments and techniques for
'compounding products'', our recently expanded manufactures. The new manufactures is highly
estimated among our country and overseas. Furthermore, our company is attempting to get world
standard guarantees such as ''ISO'' and ''GREEN PARTNER'' that is product quality guarantee
and enviromental guarantee.

Additionally, Trouble-Improve-Easy-Careful'' is the mental consideration of company
establisher expressed to all of our staffs, and we are aiming at making our company stronger.
'In trouble situation, all of us is suffering. We will conquer it and progress forward. Failure is
the time to improve continuously. Being careful in the easy time can save us from the failure.''

Finally, our company is proudly running this business and trying to gradually change it to be our
dream company. From now on, we will improve more and dare to say with strong belief that
we are aiming to be global company with coloring and compounding plastic manufactures.

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