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 SIK (THAILAND) LTD is a company specialised in the processing of colored compounds including dry colours, colour masterbatched and filler filled compounds.

Colored Compounds
The raw materials is given coloration with various pigments to match according to customer 's requirement. The best dispertion and highest quality can be attained in SIK (THAILAND) LTD's coloured compounds.


Coloured pellets containing highly concentrated colorants. Customer uses masterbatched to dilute with certain ratios of natural resin.


Dry Colours
Supplied to customers in powder form in suitable packaging so that direct mixing with certain ratios of natural resin is convenient. Colours are matched according to customer 's preferences.


Filler Compounds / Alloyed Compounds
Meneral fillers like talc, calcium carbonate and glass fiber can compounded into natural resin or plastic alloy to achieve excellent mechanical performance.



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