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     Sik (Thailand) Ltd. is a first-class plastic maker in Thailand. Our purposes are to produce goods and provide service for our customers qualitatively. Besides, we are also aware of the responsibility to society and environment. To avoid the impact from using natural resources on environments in every step of our process is our duty also. To handle those problems, we need to follow environmental management system as know ISO 14001. We have started disseminating the thoughts about ISO 14001 to our staffs and pubblicize to outsides organizations as the purposes below.

     1. To follow the law and standard of environmental management strictly. In term of the          activities not mentioned in them, we will specify our standard stricter in order not to          have an effect on environmant.
     2. To avoid releasing polluted air, dust, water from our production process to          environment.
     3. To avoid happening all of dangerous occurrences and accidents while working.          Those may cause bad results to environment. Moreover, to be ready to an          emergency crisis is our purpose too.
     4. To save the energy during production process effectively.
     5. To reduce using other factors in production process and to support to recycle and          reuse useless things.
     6. To reduce wasted things as less as possible in every step of production process.
     7. To support and upgrade not only our products but also production process as usual          in order to effect on environmental as less as possible.
     8. To motivate to recite our environmental

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